Install Windows 10


This is a universal Windows 10 Installer disk that can install any edition of Windows 10 in either 32 or 64 bit.

Note: you will need a license for whichever edition you install. If your PC has already had Windows 10 installed previously, Microsoft should automatically assign your PC with its previous license.

The installer is in English. Other languages can be added post-install.

Windows 10 usb installer disk inserted into laptopWindows 10 comes already installed on any current Windows laptop or PC. This USB disk will enable you to reinstall it if you have replaced the hard disk your computer came with.

If your computer is a little older and is running Windows 7 or 8, this USB disk will allow you to upgrade it, provided your computer supports Windows 10. You can either install Windows 10 by erasing the hard disk or upgrade the version of Windows already installed.

Windows 10 install methods

Method 1 – using the disk as a boot disk to perform a clean install of Windows 10

You will need to know how to boot your computer from USB. This depends on the model of your computer, but all Windows PCs built since 2010 should be capable of doing so. Once booted from USB, choose install. (Note, the option to repair Windows is available as well). You cannot upgrade using the disk in this booted mode – you must do a clean install by deleting all system partitions on the hard disk. This will also delete your data unless it is on a dedicated partition that you leave untouched.

Method 2 – using the files on the disk to upgrade Windows to Windows 10

This method is to be used if you want to keep your files and applications. Instead of booting from USB, just start Windows normally and insert the USB disk after your desktop has loaded. Then copy the contents of the USB disk into a folder on your hard disk. Then eject the USB disk and any other disks (including DVDs) or peripherals such as printers and scanners you have attached to the computer. Failure to do this may result in the Windows installer incorrectly telling you that Windows 10 cannot be installed! So, remove all and then start the setup.exe from the files you have copied over. You should now be able to upgrade Windows.

Once upgraded, and provided you are satisfied with Windows 10, use Disk Cleanup to remove the previous system which will be redundantly filling up your hard disk



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