Install Ubuntu Desktop


The Ubuntu Desktop Installer Disk installs a powerful but user-friendly alternative to macOS or Windows for your computer.

The installer provides for installation in English and international languages.

Please choose from the available Ubuntu editions (see below for more info):


Ubuntu Desktop usb installer disk inserted into laptop

Ubuntu Desktop is a complete operating system for desktop PCs and laptops. It can replace whatever operating system your computer came with, whether Windows or Mac OS. 

Ubuntu comes loaded with the essential applications you need, including an office suite, internet browsers, email and media apps. It will give you a complete set of software tools whether you work in an office, studio, school or home. With the Online Accounts settings, you can connect to Google and Office 365 centrally and access your data securely with a single sign-on.

Ubuntu is very versatile and comes in some different editions: 

Ubuntu LTS (present version 20.04)

LTS stands for long-term support, i.e. free maintenance and security updates for five years from the date of release. We expect a new release each April. Once installed, you can upgrade to subsequent releases giving another five years of rolling updates.

Ubuntu, October Release (present version 20.10)

The latest version of the Ubuntu operating system comes with nine months of guaranteed updates, released each October until the following July. Once installed, you can upgrade to subsequent releases giving another nine months of rolling updates.


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