Install Tails – The Amnesic Incognito Live System


Tails is a live disk that protects you against surveillance and censorship. It should be considered a necessity when using the Dark Web or if you are using a computer in any potentially hostile environment, where your freedom is threatened or curtailed.

Tails requires a 64-Bit computer with at least 2 GB RAM to run smoothly. It can boot from Mac or PC, but only if they run on an Intel-compatible processor. It will leave no evidence of its running on the host computer.

‘TAILS’ stands for The Amnesic Incognito Live System. It is Amnesiac in the sense that in its default mode it really does forget everything you have done while using it. It is Incognito because your online activity cannot be traced from the internet to your system or whereabouts. And Live because you can start your computer from this disk and leave the hard disk on your computer untouched. The system loads into your computer’s RAM memory and also cleans this memory on shutdown. If necessary, the disk can be pulled out of the USB port in an emergency, and this will immediately initiate a shutdown.

Persistent storage for your settings and passwords can be set up, and this storage is encrypted and password protected. You can set up more than one persistent storage, perhaps as a decoy to be decrypted with a different password if you are forced to reveal one. This makes it ideal for use in draconian states.

Tails comes with some interesting software inbuilt:

  • Tor browser as the default browser
  • GnuPG for signing encrypted messages and files
  • KeePassXC password manager
  • Macchanger for randomizing the computer’s MAC address
  • Electrum wallet for storing bitcoin

With the Electrum wallet software your Tails USB can be a secure disposable bitcoin wallet. You can additionally install any Debian-based software.

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