Install chrome OS (Neverware CloudReady)


Turn your Windows PC or Mac into a powerful and secure ChromeBook or ChromeBox!

The installer provides for installation in English and international languages.

This OS is 64-bit only, and will always be the latest version unless you request an earlier release.

Neverware Cloudready Chrome OS usb installer disk inserted into laptopThis is our preferred method of getting a ChromiumOS onto a PC or Mac. This disk allows you to install the Home version of Neverware CloudReady OS with the options of either stable or developer installs. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the Enterprise or Educational version on disk. However, the Home version is fantastic – creating a snappy, secure and up-to-date computer experience on even lowly computers.

Neverware CloudReady OS runs on certified devices and uncertified ones. The list of certified computers is here, and CloudReady OS should work very well on these computers. But even if yours is not certified, as long as it has 2 GB of RAM, supports a 64-bit system, even if the boot firmware is only 32-bit, you should be able to successfully install. We will always ship the latest version unless you request an earlier release, as the whole point is to have an up-to-date system on less recent hardware!

So, the Neverware CloudReady OS installer disk allows you to install Neverware’s version of Chromium OS on any compatible laptop or desktop, but you can also run the OS from the disk itself as a live disk. It is essentially similar to the Chrome OS which comes installed on Chromebooks, and most extensions and apps that run on Chrome OS will run within Chromium OS. However, although Google’s Chrome OS allows for the install of some Android software via Google Play Store, Chromium OS does not.

Once up and running you can install additional apps and extensions via the Chrome Web Store. If you have an old PC, Mac or laptop it would be worth trying as it is less demanding than Windows or macOS. But even if your computer is relatively recent, this OS will give you a fast, secure and Cloud-service-connected experience.

To install, boot from the USB disk. You cannot run it from within Windows or macOS. Once you are past the initial boot screens it will ask for your Google login. At this point you may continue and use the USB disk as a live system, leaving your computer untouched. The USB disk will retain the login information next time you boot from it, so you can use the USB disk on different computers and still get to your data. Once you are satisfied that this is the OS for your computer you can also install it to the hard disk, and so enjoy a faster performance.


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