Fedora Workstation Installer Disk


The Fedora 30 Workstation Installer Disk installs a powerful but user-friendly alternative to macOS or Windows for your computer.

The installer provides for installation in English and international languages.

Please choose the correct architecture for your device:

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The Fedora Workstation Installer Disk installs the full desktop version of Fedora Linux on compatible PCs and Macs. Because it installs on so many kinds of PC, Mac and Raspberry Pi, please check the processor your device uses – whether 32 or 64-bit or ARM processor. If in doubt, search for the model of your computer on Wikipedia.

Fedora Workstation is a full open-source alternative to macOS or Windows. Fedora can provide a secure and efficient computing environment and will give you a complete set of software tools whether you work in an office, studio, school or home. With the Online Accounts settings, you can connect to Google and Office 365 centrally and access your data securely with a single sign-on.

Fedora 30 is the latest stable version of the Fedora Linux distribution.