Your Computer, Made Better

Welcome to The idea is simple. Here you can buy USB disks to install new system software for your computer. A bit old-fashioned, but tried and tested.

We think you should be able to install whatever system will work best on your computer. It may not be the one it came with! An alternative system may work better. What, better than Windows? Yes, perhaps, if you would prefer not to be hostage to Microsoft and subject to every computer virus or malware out there. Better than macOS? Perhaps, especially if your Mac is no longer supported by Apple (give it 5 year life-span). 

But even if you prefer to stick with something you know, we can help you if you need to reinstall it, especially if you have put in a new hard disk. We specialise in system installer disks of all kinds, which we deliver worldwide. Please browse our shop and get yourself the best system for your computer. 

Server System Installers

Turn an older computer into a server or internet firewall. Add a big disk and share your files with the family or business.

PC or Mac System Installers

Windows, macOS, Chrome OS or Linux systems to install on a new disk or replace the system you already have on your PC or Mac.

System Utility & Live Disks

Need to rescue a system? Or want a full system on a portable disk? Also, try secure systems that prevent surveillance.