My old mac running macOS Catalina 10.15.3 – thanks to Catalina Patcher

10 year old mac running latest Catalina…

macOS Catalina on 2010 Mac

10.15.3 on my trusty MacBook Pro from mid-2010. That’s right, 10 years old almost and running the latest macOS system. According to Mactracker it should only be capable of 10.13.6, so I am delighted. It’s no slouch either: Intel Core i5 with 8GB RAM. Long may it continue, and all thanks to the Catalina Patcher from Dosdude.

Not that updating was intuitive. Silly me, I thought once I had got Catalina onto this mac, that from then on I could use System Update as if it were a mac running Catalina normally. I waited and waited for the further updates that my other Catalina macs applied automatically, but none came. Then I downloaded the combo update from the Apple downloads site, and when I tried to open it was told it wouldn’t run on my mac. Of course.

Remembering how updates to Catalina look like a whole new system is being installed, even on genuinely capable macs, I returned to Catalina Patcher, downloaded the latest version, then downloaded the latest Catalina, and there it is:

I choose to “Install to This Machine” and 20-30 minutes later I am on 10.15.3 with all my files and apps intact – a simple update.

I also created a bootable installer just in case. The bootable installer, or any subsequent Catalina Patcher installer disk, will also be available here for purchase if the above is not your cup of tea when all you want is the latest macOS system on an older mac.

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