System Installer Disks for PC & Mac

Your Computer, Made Better

The idea is simple. Here you can buy USB disks to install new system software for your computer. Boot off one of our disks and put a new system on your PC or Mac.

We think you should be able to install whatever system will work best on your computer. It may not be the one it came with! An alternative system may work better.

USB Boot Disks Delivered Worldwide

Choose from Linux, Windows, Chrome OS or macOS system disks for desktop, laptop or servers, which we deliver worldwide.

  • Installer disks for all major systems
  • Worldwide delivery
  • No downloads – just handy USB boot disks!

What you can do with our USB disks:

Apple Logo with Big Sur image

If Apple no longer supports your Mac (give it 5 years), think about installing Linux or turning it into a Chromebook.

Windows logo with desktop image

Or give Microsoft the heave-ho on your PC and install a faster system without bloatware that won’t get viruses.

Zentyal Server logo

Or turn your old PC into a file server for your business, or a media server for your home.

Other things to try:

  • Upgrade your Mac to the latest Mac system
  • Upgrade your PC to the latest Windows 10
  • Reinstall an older system on your PC or Mac
  • Install a new system on a new hard disk lacking a recovery partition
  • Put Chrome OS on your old PC or Mac
  • Or take a version of Linux for a spin
  • Repair a damaged system on your PC or Mac
  • Use a disposable boot disk secure from surveillance
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